Clear-View isn't just for our customers...Orion Restoration uses it, too! See how our systematically and exclusively designed software helps our business flow below...


Clear-View Features...

  •  Offers 100% transparency on all claims

          - Customers, Orion Restoration, Insurance Agents, and Adjusters can all interact in one place.

  • Is accessible 24 hours a day

         - As long as you have Internet access and a connection device you can log on.

  • Is web based   

         - Every detail of the job is availabe to you online.

  • Updated in real time

         - Customers are always in the know about the most recent developments in their project. 


 How to Log-In to Clear-View

  1. Check the e-mail account you provided and open the e-mail from Jason Cash containing your Clear-View Log In information.

  2. Enter the User Name and Password provided to you in the e-mail your received earlier from us.

  3. Click "SignIn" button.



Our view of Clear-View

Clearview Snap shot


Customers, Orion Restoration, Insurance Agents, and Insurance Adjusters have 24 hour access to Clear-View and can readily access:

  • Job Status
  • Creation of Job Date
  • Contracts and Estimates
  • Photographs
  • Drying Records
  • Scope of Work
  • All Other Job Files
  • Can Upload Files for Review

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